G-Wolves Hati Review

I can’t fault the G-Wolves Hati strategy because I have thrown some of the most popular and beloved mouse looks in recent years, punched holes in them to make them lighter, and sold them at a reasonable price. G-Wolves is an alternative to Logitech G Pro Wireless, and by alternative I mean the shapes are practically identical, Hati is a much lighter and cheaper version of the gaming mouse.

G-Wolves Hati is not without a few issues, although the buttons are average at best, and the quality control leaves much to be desired with the primary action buttons and a scroll wheel that can be pushed to the side.

If you find the price for these top-notch mice to be too high, G-Wolves offers a great way to get the look you want at an affordable cost with excellent cable and a great look and feel, as long as you don’t worry too much about the buttons.

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G-Wolves Hati

G-Wolves Hati HTM Stardust (Limited Edition) Ultra Lightweight Honeycomb Design Wired Gaming Mouse up to 16000 DPI – 3389 Performance Sensor – (58g) (Blue)

3389 Sensor provides Maximum resolution up to 16000DPI – Max Speed of 400 IPS up from 250 IPS from the Original Hati, Maximum acceleration of 50G, and Omron’s D2FC-F-K switch with lifespan of 50 Million clicks more than 2X than the Original Hati

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G-Wolves Hati Shape & Design

Continuing the popular and proven G Wolves trend, Hati is very similar to the Logitech G Pro Wireless in shape and size. Hattie is a version of the G Pro Wireless with some slight differences in the buttons, just like Hattie, it has a nice secure compatible with a wide range of grips and medium hand sizes. Hati would be a better fit for claw, hybrid, and fingertip grips, while still being suitable for smaller hand grips.

Hattie uses increasingly common hex holes to reduce the weight of the mouse, Hattie weighs only 60 grams, and the difference of about 20 grams between Hattie and GPW is noticeable. Unlike the Skoll, perforations are absent on the sidewalls of the mouse, instead, there is standard matte plastic. Even when I press hard with my mouse, I don’t notice the hex holes.

Like the G Pro Wireless (sorry Logitech, it’s the G Pro Wireless), the sidewalls of the mouse are gently curved to hold it in place, not the deepest hole to lift the mouse, but I had no trouble moving the mouse.

The buttons have a slightly recessed hatch and the mouse buttons are individual and separate from the case, just like the G Pro Wireless. One difference here is that the space between the buttons around the mouse wheel is wider for Hattie, so be careful if you have a narrow gap between your fingers in your grip.

Stained black by PTFE, Hattie’s feet do a good job of keeping slippage, but they’re not the softest feet I’ve seen in the stock. Like the Skoll, G-Wolves provides Hati 2 sets of replacement legs if you feel your mouse scratches with extended use.

The branding is so young on Skoll that the front edge of the mouse adorns the G-Wolves logo. The gray/white version of the mouse has the gray to white color gamut also found on Skoll. It appears that G-Wolves provided up to 8 color combinations for Hati, so if you don’t like gray/white or taupe to black you can still choose red or blue depending on your preference.

There is no RGB in Hattie.

G-Wolves Hati Sensor and Performance

There’s not much to cover here, the Hati Pixart PMW3360 uses the stabilizer and there’s no acceleration, prediction, or angle shift. Hati can set the DPI as low as 100 and as low as 12000, in 100 steps, and you also have the option to set the horizontal and vertical DPI differently if you want.

The mouse polling rate can be set to 125, 500, or 1000Hz, but there’s no real reason to set it below 1000Hz.

The takeoff distance can also be set from low to high, but you’ll generally need this setting below.

  • Great proven ambidextrous shape
  • 60 grams
  • Tons of extra parts and accessories
  • Great cable
  • Reasonably priced
  • Button wobble on both primary buttons
  • Scroll wheel can shift
  • Tactility on buttons only okay
  • No official warranty policy that I could find


G-Wolves Hati does a good job of introducing a discount option to the Logitech G Pro Wireless. And it’s an opponent, this is a good mouse but it has some imperfections that can make a difference when choosing it, it seems like Hattie’s quality control can be a bit inconsistent, if the button is wobbling and the scroll wheels are not if it doesn’t bother you enough to pay an extra $ 100 for G Pro Wireless, Hati is a great choice.

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