Best Budget Gaming Keyboard Under 50$

Hey, guys, this is Abdul Rehman, now budget mechanical gaming keyboards have been around for a while But I’ve noticed that they’ve become all the rage especially for gaming keyboards. I thought I would write this article to talk about the best budget gaming keyboards under 50$ and why people like mechanical gaming keyboards so much what makes them so much better compared to a typical gaming keyboard that you might be familiar with.

So a regular keyboard that most people know about is usually a membrane or rubber dome keyboard. How this work is there’s kind of like a rubber dome structure that holds the key up but if you press it down hard enough it collapses the rubber part and makes contact with the board below it. Then sends the signal. This type of keyboard technology is trendy because it is very cheap and also really flexible so, you can even use it to make stuff like roll-up keyboards.

Now for mechanical switches, it’s a little bit more complicated there are several different types of mechanical switches. I’m going to stick to a family of switches called Cherry MX. I’ll get into specifics a little bit later in a mechanical switch instead of a piece of rubber you have several different components such as a spring a housing the keycap itself and a few other little components. Still, the function is the same; the switch creates resistance using the spring until you press hard enough to get to the contact point, which sends the signal.

Now let us Talk about the list I have created on Best Budget Gaming Keyboard Under 50$

5 Best Budget Gaming Keyboard Under 50$

Razer-Cynosa-ChromaRazer Cynosa Chroma Check Price
VicTsing-RGBVicTsing RGB Check Price
Eagletec-KG010Eagletec KG010 Check Price
Redragon-K552Redragon K552 Check Price
Tecware-Phantom-87Tecware Phantom 87 Check Price

Razer Cynosa Chroma

Razer Cynosa Chroma

Razer Cynosa Chroma made almost entirely out of plastic; however, this plastic is of excellent quality. I don’t think that it makes the keyboard feel cheap at all. next flipping the keyboard over, we can see that there are two pairs of extendable legs. They both come at different elevations so you can adjust the height of your keyboard to what you would like it to be.

You will also see five other non-slip pads at the bottom of your keyboard and, these stop your keyboard from sliding across your desk while you’re gaming or typing and it just saves a lot of trouble for you. Otherwise, it isn’t enjoyable to have your keyboard slide across the desk all the time.

If you look closely, you can also see draining holes to make this keyboard super resistant I think this is an excellent addition to this keyboard even though it’s not that expensive it still comes with spill resistance which is a lovely addition to it. When we take a look at the cable of the keyboard, you can see that it is not a braided cable, but it still feels very sturdy enough sound quality.

Now let’s move on to an essential part of any keyboard which is the RGB don’t worry guys it’s just a joke. The most critical part of the keyboard is the keys now you can see that the razer sign knows chroma does not have mechanical switches as some of you may have expected. However, do not be fooled in thinking that these keyboards keys are going to be mushy and feel like Co standard membrane switches.

These switches feel charming insect oil for membrane switches, and it also has a nice rubber covering, which makes it super comfortable for your fingers. I found that this keyboard is excellent for typing on and gaming is also no problem for it because it’s a relaxing experience and the keys are tactile enough so that you can have a great experience in gaming and not lose too much performance.

The greatest attraction of the keyboard which is its lighting the razor sign also chrome has full perkier RGB lighting, and it can be fully controlled and customized by the Razer Synapse software. One of the things that make razors RGB stand out above all the other companies is the fact that they use a white backplate at the back of the keys.

This backplate reflects the light up through the keys so that you can see the RGB very clearly the fact that this is included in the sign OSA is an excellent joint point to this keyboard. In the middle of the keyboard at the bottom, you also see the Razer logo, which is also fully RGB and sings freely with the rest of the keywords lighting. Lastly, at the top right of the keyboard, you will see all the different indication lights for keys such as caps lock and gaming mode.

Another significant positive about this keyboard is that these lights are pure white LEDs, and it makes them stand out from the rest of the keyboard very well. I think it’s also essential to notice that the Razer sign nose does not have any dedicated macro keys. But it has a macro system in place that you can reprogram keys as macros now let’s take a look at the price of this keyboard the Razer sign now so chroma is currently on sale on Amazon for about $50 but usually the price is about 60.

This is quite a good deal considering all the features that you get with this keyboard as a more budget keyboard I feel that Razer signed as a chroma is mostly going to appeal to people who don’t want to spend a lot of money on a keyboard. If you have used a membrane keyboard for your whole life and you’ve like used Microsoft Black office keyboards, then this keyboard will be a significant improvement from that. Because firstly that’s RGB and the keys are also a nice upgrade to that there are also tons of additional features on this keyboard that you won’t find on a regular keyboard such as gaming mode and setting macros.

  • RGB lighting
  • Pleasant to type on
  • Gaming mode
  • Affordable price
  • Sturdy plastic frame
  • Comfortable keycaps
  • Fairly basic design
  • Not angled enough when feet fully extended
  • Unfinished configuration software and intrusive registration requirements


The razer chroma is an excellent Budget Gaming Keyboard Under 50$ for people who don’t want to spend a lot of money on a keyboard but also want plenty of bang for their buck it has excellent quality and tactile memory and keys. It also brings you all the power and customization of Razer synapse the Razer chrome is the cheapest keyboard on the market that has full perky RGB lighting.


VicTsing RGB

VicTsing RGB

VicTsing 96 key gaming mechanical RGB keyboard is a balance between a full-size keyboard with 108 keys or 104 keys as well as a tiki out version over 87 keys right here. Think of this as a balance between both walls, but this one features a full fledge full-size mechanical gaming keyboard function in a cabinet feature.

Where if you toggle this top button right here it changed back to its arrow key and all the shortcuts a pitch down pitch up and delete toggle it before it becomes a Numpad. So it’s a balance of both walls. So this key bar idea is using a new blue mechanical switch Brandon and makes Tsukino it’s quality right here so this is using gsm blue mechanical sutures.

Think of it as an ultra-budget; Cherry MX blue switches are very clicky; however, when compared to Ottoman blue switches. It’s of lower quality the blue content switches energies iam switchers are the same they’re very scratchy they’re clicking it they do feel clicky. Still, it feels a little bit dampen or a little bit mushy, and the click is not so of a higher audible level that you find on Cherry MX blues. But again it’s nice to type on if you love the clicky experience the keycaps are using double shot ABS plastic so expect a little bit of louder clicking sound feedback.

If you may presume this is using a floating style keyboard and god bless god it’s easier to clean compared to a flushed out keyboard. More importantly, about this keyboard, it has zero rattling sound coming from a budget keyboard; this is a lot of big news. Now when it comes to building quality is rather sturdy is not much flex to it when it comes to the sturdy bottom plastic. When it comes to the top but right there’s a little bit of flex thanks to its plastic frame but not very noticeable, so if you are a rich quitter type of gamer you bash keyboard it will last chill okay.

They had a metal plate inside to stabilize the whole thing but is heavy now aside from that they are using this 2 meters long braided cable. It’s a brightness if so Cuba management can be a little bit tricky the single-stage then helps to increase the height of the keyboard by 1.3 CM. There’s a total of six rubber pads on the bottom including two on each of the stands at the bottom Heights additional keycap and keycap remover.

It also features this spillage holes on the base key, but again I can’t verify if it’s spillage proof or waterproof. It also includes three-way cable management. You can check all the lighting effects, but you can have between tree game lighting modes as well as 18 lighting effects anywhere from the function button to the number 4 to 90s or even one-two tree for your game moon.

You can also change the direction of the speed and also the brightness of the RGB lighting on the keyboard itself. there’s a software where you can download and change individual key settings on the RGB effects, so I recommend downloading it play around with it.

  • Durable build quality
  • Cleverly compact design
  • Feels great to use
  • RGB lighting
  • Very affordable
  • Uses Cherry MX Blue switches
  • Keycaps not lit by lights


I would honestly recommend it, and more importantly, it builds like a baby bear right here it’s 900 grams if you’re interested in purchasing this Budget Gaming Keyboard Under 50$ link is attached


Eagletec KG010

Eagletec KG010

Eagletec KG010 is a good looking white and silver RGB mechanical keyboard that is only retailing for $50 on Amazon. it’s a lot more affordable, and you do also get a few different options you do get it in a black and a white. if you don’t want to go for white and then also in a non a backlit version only blue backlit version and then, of course, the orgy be virgin the RGB system of spaces in $50 and all the other ones or cheaper down to like 37 dollars or so on. so starting with the build quality of the first Eagle tech state that is made of aircraft-grade aluminum which is pretty much standard aluminum. that does help reflect the RGB lighting a lot more and then also gives it more durability the rest of the keyboard is made from ABS a plastic.

So it’s not the strongest build quality keyboard out there, but it’s still relatively good with not too much flex, and we take care of the keyboard. you’re not going to have to worry about anything. Still, I’m moving on to the switches the Eagletec KG010 uses ultimate of Blues. which is a first you don’t get any other colors you don’t get reds or browns and if you don’t know what the automobile is or they’re kind of the Clones off the MX blues. which all and, no but they’re still excellent to you get you 50 million click life cycle. and also compared to the Gator on switches but when comparing it to the red dragon of Varro.

Which does have the same Ultima blue switches the ELA tech is a lot louder now that might be due to the aluminum topic cover. which helps amplify the sound a bit more, but it does make already allow the blue switch even a louder. so if you’re not fond of the loud, clicky switches. then this is not going to be the keyboard for you.

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Now moving on the keycaps which are made from ABS a plastic and it is a double a short, but it’s cheaply made. now the secondary commands on some keycaps they are only printed on so they might fade after some time if you use them a lot. also, I noticed that there are some chips in some of my keycaps. it’s not all of them’s like one looks sure, but I did see at the bottom there were tiny bit inward chips. so, it’s not the worst thing ever, and you can’t see it you have to look at it. but yeah it is there, and it might be on a lot more keyboards as well, but now that’s not too big of a deal you can’t see it and a keyboard that only costs $50.

Yeah, it’s not too bad once you can buy some additional Cherry MX compatible keycaps place it on top of these. You’re not going to have to worry, but luckily some key gaps do like the backlight shine through clearly. now as for that backlight I have to say I didn’t expect it to look there’s good. you can see it even at daytime if the light shines directly onto it might not be as bright, but in a medium, to a dark room, it looks good. the RGB stands out completely especially with the aluminum top cover now there’s a ton of effects that you can apply, and there are also some secondary commands to change some of the effects.

So going over the effects you can select between all of them by selecting the insert home page up the lead end and page down key all of them. firstly you get your color cycle effect then you get a breathing static ripple fade I kind of left and right effect don’t know really what’s cool it then you get a zigzag than a kind of explosion effect you get rain wave kind of a different wave effect you get a twirl effect you get a multicolor effect you get another rain effect you get rainbow then kind of another wave effect and then also another static effect.

I don’t know really what the differences were and then finally you also get a hippy rainbow effect which I honestly did actually like it was the brightest kind of look the best to me. now you can also control some of the effects with your left-right up and down keys and then also your equals and minus key so left changes. the direction of the effect the right arrow key changes the color of the effects the page up or down adjusted at their level brightness between five levels and then at the minus and equals key changes at the speed of the effects.

Now you do also get some canary commands like your media controls from it for one to f8 and then also your work shortcuts from f9 to f12 like your calculator. unfortunately, you do not have any macros so you can’t create your macros if you wanted to do that it’s not the biggest drawback, but it might be something that you would like to have. the Eagle take you do get your anti-slip pads in the corners that do an okay job at preventing a slip, but then you get your flipper keyboard feet.

I do feel like these might be the first thing to go with this keyboard. it’s not very durable and especially with the way it flips out I do feel it could break easily but for the cable you get your standard white non abraded one point eight-meter or five-point nine feet cable.

  • 104 anti-ghosting, n-key rollover, conflict-free keys
  • Adjustable light speed and brightness level
  • Includes multimedia keys, locking Windows key, and WASD arrow key exchange function
  • Dust-resistant key switches
  • Breathing light effect causes slight buzzing noise
  • Slight differences in tension feel from key to key


It’s just that name that’s probably the biggest drawback for this Budget Gaming Keyboard Under 50$. Still, I only did enjoy my time with it either for gaming and typing I do like blue switches because off just being that tactile feel. The click Innes I feel like I can I’m more in control OMERS I can feel when I type but if you’re not a fan of the lots which is then this is not going to be the keyboard for you but, if the loud blue switches don’t bother you, then this is something that you can take a look at. now the EOTech is not perfect it does have some small issues.


Redragon K552

Redragon Kumara K552

Redragon Kumara K552 is a tkl mechanical keyboard tkl standing for a10 keyless which means no Numpad. This could be good for quite a few reasons one of them is that if you have limited desk space and you prefer your sensitivity in games to be a bit low, you could use that extra space. The Redragon Kumara K552 has a very minimalistic and simple design that looks very clean the keyboard is made of plastic. Still, it is very durable as the keyboard does not flex at all.

The texture of the keys themselves is very smooth with a matte finish so, it’s not that slippery. Personally, though I would prefer a more simple font choice rather than the gaming-themed ones that this has, it’s not that bad. The LED lights illuminate the characters pretty well though the brightness is not that great traversing.

Now through the keyboard, we have on the function keys the secondary functions when you press the FN button of the keyboard. We have the media buttons and some parts that will open up your email or calculator and whatnot. Now there are the buttons that will let you control the LEDs on the keyboard. Underneath the keyboard, it does look relatively simple no cable pass-throughs are present. Still, this keyboard does have rubber feet on four corners, and one of the things that I like on this keyboard is the retractable feet.

They snap into position and stay there even when you move the keyboard they don’t snap back to their original post. It does have rubber at the bottom so don’t expect this keyboard to carry on your while you’re using it. The cable is just a simple non-braided one it’s reasonably thick though so it seems to be in good quality no USB pass-through also so this keyboard only requires one USB slot. Now let’s talk about the switches the keycaps are removed using the keycap puller Rich’s included in the box. Now this keyboard has the o-Tama blue switches these switches are like Cherry MX blue clones which means they aim to be like the MX blue.

Which is tactile and clicky and surprisingly enough they feel perfect, especially for typing I’d say feel wise they do feel very close to the Cherry MX. Still, of course, in terms of durability, we’ll have to see about that. The led effects this keyboard does not come with the software, so you have to configure the LEDs only through the keyboard all of these functions. When you hold the F and button the up and down Keys controls the brightness. The left key toggles the direction of the LED animations.

The right key cycles through different colors, the first one is always the RGB mode these two controls the speed of the effect this 1 to 6 contains the led effects. Each number includes 2 or 3 effects that keep pressing the same number to cycle through them.

  • Blue mechanical switches
  • Tenkeyless design which keeps the mouse from bumping into the keyboard
  • Aluminum base that keeps the keyboard in place even when participating in hectic battles
  • I really love the Bad-ass font!
  • Water-resistant/Splash proof
  • And above all a ridiculously low price for what you get!
  • Keycaps could be a little thicker
  • The switches sound could be a little annoying if you don’t really like that classic mechanical switch sound


This Budget Gaming Keyboard Under 50$ is pretty great for those people in the budget and would not want to break the bank to have a decent mechanical keyboard it has all the necessary features she would wish to as well as RGB backlighting.


Tecware Phantom 87

Tecware Phantom 87

Tecware Phantom 87 is a tkl or tenkeyless mechanical gaming keyboard it uses a gunmetal alloy backplate with the base constructed in matte black plastic. It features a floating key design that allows for easier cleaning of the keyboard there are no dedicated media keys present. Still, they can, however, be accessed by using the fn key.

There are indicators for caps lock and gaming mode above the arrow keys which are just two white LEDs the cable that’s on the keyboard is superior and braided and measures in at 1.8 meters long. However, unfortunately, it’s not detachable it does, however, feature a cable routing system. On the underside of the keyboard and the bottom, it features four rubber pads that prevent the board from sliding around on your desk.

It also has two uprise flip out feet for angle adjustment another thing. It features on the underside is a cutout for a keycap puller since it does feature a little plastic one as for other accessories. It includes a small metal switch puller and four extra ultimate switches because this keyboard is a hot-swap board. As for technical aspects, it has 1000 hertz pulling rate or one millisecond response time full nk rollover and anti-ghosting 100 fully programmable keys.

Onboard 16.8 million colors RGB lighting control gaming mode which disables keys such as windows as well as software support. Which features macro recording in three different profiles which aren’t on board; however, no USB pass-through port is present. The key caps on the Tecware Phantom 87 are pretty basic made out of abs plastic with double-shot molding they feature a minimalistic rather than a gamer looking font which is always appreciated. The secondary characters are illuminated although the media functions aren’t the keycaps have a standard bottom row layout which means that you can use other keycaps.

Such as a pudding set the stabilizers that are used are standard cherry plate mount stabilizers. These, however, aren’t that rattley at all, which is good, but they still have the mushy feeling to them. The Tecware Phantom 87 like stated earlier is a hot-swap board so in case one of the switches breaks, you can replace that broken switch instead of the entire keyboard. It comes in three different switch variants aotimu blue brown and red.

The browns which are tactile and quiet they have an actuation force of 55 grams and an actuation point of 2.0 millimeters as well as the switch lifespan of 50 million key presses. Now before you all get super excited about the hot-swap it’s only limited to outemu switches others such as kale boxes or gatherings do not fit into the switch sockets due to the pins being too broad for them to fit.

You can mess with the RGB lighting effects change up the polling rate configure the three different profiles as well as program macros overall. From my perspective, if you don’t need to program macros, then you don’t need to install the software since you can pretty much control the 18 RGB lighting effects on the keyboard itself.

  • Beautiful RGB
  • Comes with replacement switches
  • Highly responsive
  • Kailh Universal Socket
  • Software takes a bit to get started
  • No wrist rest
  • Instructions are minimal
  • Non-detachable cable


Tecware Phantom 87 comes with so many features like hot-swap switches RGB lighting multiple switch options and many more for under 50 dollars the Tecware Phantom 87 packs a good punch all in all it’s a great Budget Gaming Keyboard Under 50$.


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